Mary Toman served as Deputy Treasurer of the State of California, where the Treasurer’s Office managed nearly $200 billion of state assets, including the CalPERS and State Teachers' (STRS) pension funds. Mary was also a senior executive in the U.S. Department of Commerce (Deputy Assistant Secretary) under President George H. W. Bush from 1989-92, in charge of U.S. exports for 120 industries including autos and consumer goods. She also served on President Bush’s Transition Team at the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. In recognition of these roles, Mary was selected to appear in Who’s Who in America in 1992. Mary was also a commissioner of the City of Los Angeles from 1993-95, serving as Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority under former Mayor Riordan.

In the private sector, Mary worked for Procter & Gamble and at E.F. Hutton in corporate finance, as well as her own successful firm as an international investor and entrepreneur. Mary received her B.A. with honors in economics from Stanford University and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Mary received the “Friend of the Taxpayer” Award in 1998 from Americans for Tax Reform for her tireless work on behalf of taxpayers and is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the National Taxpayers Alliance.

Politically, Mary Toman is Chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party. She serves on the California Republican Party Executive Committee and the board of the California Republican County Chairmen’s Association. She is a member of the Federation of Republican Women.

Mary has been a University Trustee since 1988 and was appointed to the State Economic Development Council and the California State Job Training Coordinating Council. As a businesswoman with over 20 years of experience, Mary knows how to fight waste and fraud.

Mary was born and raised in California, graduating from Palos Verdes High School. Mary is a lifelong Republican and is 47 years old. Mary was a speaker at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in 2000 and has made numerous appearances on television including CNN's "Inside Politics."

Mary Toman has brought integrity, boundless energy and hard work to all her endeavors. She is a strong and determined Californian who will restore fiscal responsibility to the golden state of California. Mary counts Congressmen Chris Cox, Ed Royce, Steve Horn, Dana Rohrabacher, Ken Calvert, Jerry Lewis and former State Treasurer Matt Fong among her numerous endorsements. Others include Assembly members Bob Pacheco, Bill Leonard, Charlene Zettel, Rod Pacheco and Board of Equalization member Claude Parrish. Mary has been endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Young Republicans and California Republican League.

Because of her experience in the Treasurer's Office and expertise in turnaround situations for both governmental entities and large companies, Mary can be an effective State Treasurer from day 1 and contribute significantly to solving the State’s current financial crisis. One of her top priorities is to restore confidence in the fiscal soundness of the State and to regain the trust of investors and Wall Street. It is vitally important to restore the State's bond rating, which directly affects the interest rates that the State must pay on its debt.

Mary will do away with the "pay to play" mentality of the current Treasurer’s Office. She has pledged to run the State Treasurer’s Office as a meritocracy from top to bottom, in which all decisions are based on what is best for the State, rather than who makes political contributions. As pointed out in recent articles in the Los Angeles Times (January 7) and San Diego Union Tribune (January 8), the current Treasurer's awarding bond deals based on political connections rather than merit has saddled the State with a botched $4.3 billion loan with extra interest rates and projected penalties of $780 million. When the State pays higher interest, there is less money for education, healthcare, transport and public safety.

Since Mary has already served on the CalPERS and STRS boards, she uniquely understands how to safeguard pension money and to ensure that teachers and other hard working public employees enjoy a secure retirement. Mary would work to bar the public pension funds from investing in risky deals such as the Enron partnerships. She would have no conflicts of interest in calling such companies as Arthur Andersen and Enron to account for the role they played in letting public and private assets be dissipated. Corporate governance will be of greater importance.

Mary has pledged to run an open Treasurer's Office where the Treasurer is regularly available to the press and public. She also wants to give Californians a clear picture of their State assets and liabilities and begin a more rational, transparent strategic plan for the State. "Those who take on the highest trust of safeguarding and investing the public's money must always be completely open and honest to the press and public as to what they are doing," she said. "As Treasurer, I will have nothing to hide. I will make every decision based on what is best for the people of California. There will be no other priorities or agendas that will take my focus off of what's best for the people."




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